Week 19/20 What was I thinking!

We are coming to the end of our course  it is expiring soon but all of us who stayed for the ride will never be the same . We have an expiry date too. Do I act as if I have ? No, I believe in the luxury of time which I spend like a drunk , “champagne for everyone!” I don’t measure anything And sometimes I’m running on empty. Well hope isn’t a strategy,  thinking is the greatest business of life . If you don’t think you will be a beast of burden for those who do ! This cute revelation made me boil with indignation  but we also learnt on the course we have to be of service.   But not as a donkey ! I’m as usual bringing up the rear , ( well you didn’t think I ‘ve   done all the work ? My  disorganised Il

disciplined life and defiant old blueprint got in the way ) it’s been bumpy sometimes I have been more off than on the road Strapped to a wagon wheel going round the edge of a cliff , my donkey ears flat to my head . But I have been faithful to our Sunday webinars and Hanaael  even though I despise all things Masonic and I dislike the strange condescending look  he gives me every time I open his book the Masterkeys .

But  with his knowledge of the universal truths and his explanations of the key which allows us to plan fearlessly and execute  courageously . First think of the ideal  entertain no doubts ,visualise the ideal and then proceed to manifest this is combined with John Woodens success pyramid , and Benjamin Franklins blueprint of virtues ! All cunningly designed to form cords making a thick rope which is turning the elephant ( a metaphor for our subconscious mind) around we can also employ all our shortcomings all our wretched resentments our sloth our hopelessness into tools to fashion our recovery but first our old selves must die.  The  thinking that got us here isn’t going to get us out . I am responsible for  all of it : My disobedient children my grumpy stressed husband my unkempt gardens my disorderly house, crazy business schedule my naughty dog , my disappointing friends , my chaotic eating habits and sugar cravings,  my failure to exercise consistently , my random book keeping , my optimistic debts scheduling  ,my chauffeur cleaning hostess duties all pursued with a fine disregard for excellence are all seriously undergoing a sea change . I mentioned to my husband the idea of this silent eternal being at our core he said mine wasn’t silent but she is and she is waiting and I meet her at my sits but sometimes I forget to go .





Week 17/18 Permission to cheerfully serve

This could be the last day of my life it could be your last day to breathe oxygen and see the sky we may never pass this way again so we are urged to be kind.  Look at everything listen to everyone inhabit fully the present moment imbue it with kindness and gratitude. All this helps me to slow down breathe deeply I am not the centre of the universe ,I am at a slight distance from everything , I am the wise keen observer and we really have only recently just met .

I have been extending kindness to myself and my family and friends and not being  horribly focused on work I am giving myself permission to wake up and smell the coffee and the roses. My natural disposition is playful and I hardly have an ounce of gravitas but that’s not something I am proud of and I am working on it. some things deserve reflection it’s not that I don’t reflect but I don’t do it at the time  . Hours later I will agonise over some encounter and the words I have employed, but it’s all changing ..I need to be truthful to myself if somebody hurts me I have to at least flag it up deal with it and then not harbour any resentment . This wonderful MKMMA Course with its earnest facilitors willing us to get it -to really get It . This seminal law the law of attraction is responsible for our reality. To employ the law of attraction by visualizing the ideal life and showing the door to any thoughts (more than 80% are negative) which are Mean dreary and judgemental . Power is in repose and in our sits . I am exercising every day I am going to bed at 11 pm that’s early for me and I want to go to bed at 10 pm . Sleep and prayer are the gateways to the subconscious and Marks holy hour is there for a reason to nourish our minds just before we go to sleep so we dine on our ambitions and dreams and when  (if) we wake up we are ready to establish our New reality our DMP equipped with a plan of action and a new blueprint . A Force for good for the universe operating with gratitude and looking to be of service .



Week 16 moi the thinker And heavenly sevens

Thinking the great business of life ! Deep waters  and dark horses

To control thought is to control circumstances conditions environment and destiny.

Think noble courageous kind thoughts , treat every human being you meet with respect and courtesy . Slow down you don’t have to complete everything in record speed . Idealize visualise actualise .

Here ends the master key this week. I am spirit and so are you .

Week 15 who knew?

Who knew that all conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit?

We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have . Well fortuitously my clutter busting pschcopomp is well underway .Beside  my physical clearances   I have also deleted over 4ooo emails from my phone ! I only know how to do it individually Some were from 2014. With each  deletion (some I was compelled to read like from the tax man ) I didn’t experience joy but rather frustration and spite towards these messages.  I felt like a hobo being beaten up by a bunch of well shod hooray Henry’s ,champagne bottles in hand , and once they  moved on  back to the bright lights I commenced round 2! The mental bashing . Like drinking the rat poison myself thinking that will kill the rat.

I knew I had to be careful , God  if I have I learned  nothing else From this course I know I must guard my thoughts but I threw caution to the wind,  what with my growing knowledge of the LOA what other misfortunes was I summoning from the dark realm !  But still I couldn’t vanquish my defeatist thoughts of how useless I was, how profligate how irresponsible, making the payment of my taxes a dubious task and allowing my virtual in -box  to be overflowing  like this .

Oh I was wallowing like a hippo in my To -do tray . I tried to stop my negative self talk (words are the highest form of architecture  and are the passport to success, I was building a misshapen mud shack on a disappearing shore line …) I wasn’t near any flash cards  which could have thrown out a line to a drowning man . I took my dog out for a walk a playful bolognese. I have a river near my house, my catastrophic thoughts boiled like the wild flowing silver water  with no vitality  . I grasped for the line, a thought suffused  with love,  plumped with vitality which throbs to the highest vibration, I concentrate on gratitude for my wonderful boys , all of them . I was really  in a bad way , be kind Tracey be kind to yourself . Self soothe , I love and accept myself, thoughts are the only reality. Forgive yourself , see the circumstances as an experience for my benefit, to serve my higher good . Ok I’ve overspent and may incur a financial penalty from the tax man  which I must keep a secret from my husband who is studying and doesn’t need financial stress. I am learning to cut my cloth and deny my careless wants. This is good. If I lived in India I would die of hunger and so would my family  I couldn’t stick my weekly groceries on MasterCard.

During the night I heard the pinging sound of another email blazing through the cosmos to reach my phone I zapped it like I would a fly.  I  am still here and I am getting organized and building  for success .


Week 14 Reflections in a golden I

What happens when you have too much stuff in too small a space well the outcome is not happiness. I have been a messy disorganised person most of my life (0k all my life) and my husband says that I enjoy mess otherwise I would change but that’s not true.  I certainly can tolerate mess but I love ORDER . The MKMMA is helping me establish new order.  “When you die I am throwing all this Sh** out”‘ this is tough love .

My husband is in the garage as I write this , threatening to order skips and packing the car with stuff to go to the dump, this usually strikes fear in my heart but I now know you can’t organise clutter. Why do I like  why do I need so much candlesticks , vases, books, leather shoes ,bags trinkets, coats, wooden furniture with marble tops, gilded mirrors ,photo frames , African and Persian rugs , big Art?  I’m ready to say my goodbyes. Even thoughts are things, bad miserable thoughts manifest bad miserable conditions. Anxiety, worry lack all have physical consequences . Hanaael says “thought is a spiritual activity” and all thought is creative . Not some, all.  Terrifying and comforting at the same time . If we withdraw the creative power of our thought from these  miserable conditions, we are cutting them away at the root. Remember what we think about comes about.  I am removing clutter from my mind , sweeping the halls , opening the shutters and letting the light in making a sacred space where only beautiful courageous thoughts can make their home . The other side of chaos.

Finally Hanaael this week presents a biology lesson , that everything is electrons even the empty space .Every thing is mind . This mind  has a negative charge . Every cell in our body contains this negative mind and  is called the subconscious which responds to the positive directed thought of the conscious mind .This is tremendous news is it not ? We can heal ourselves !

Hannal 14:17 all things have their origin in mind and appearances are the result of thought . So that we see that things in themselves have no origin, permanency , or reality . Now wait for it , since they are produced by thought they can be erased by thought .

We are reflections of every thought we have had in our lifetimes, this is stamped on our faces, forms character and environment. The subconscious mind is the connecting link between the universal and the conscious mind . It follows that the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the subconscious mind will put into action and as the subconscious is one with the universal no limits can be placed on its activities.Einstein urged us  to look into prayer. Thought is the only reality . I have a golde reflection. ( yep that’s right in my dreams) . Yes in my dream.


week 13 In my Father’s House

I have come home to my father’s house. It’s safe here, I am not judged. Expectations run high for me here.   I shuffle my accomplishments written on cards I can be what I will to be.

Every time I do the”sit” I come home, I can never do anything wrong here. Every pore on my body opens and relaxes, tension melts, if a mountain could breathe that’s how I do it, my breath comes in cold at my nostrils and I breathe anger resentment and fire out.  I am on the very edge of my attention.


Week 12 Love conquers all

It’s really true, love does conquer all. According to Hanaael this week thought impregnated with love becomes invincible . 12:21 the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force, called the law of attraction .  And we are the channels of distribution  some more perfect than others . I love Hanaael’s Master key book and that we read a lesson and study it for a week . Reading  and studying Hanaael is like being in a cosy carpeted book lined study, log fire roaring, tea and crumpets  Tibetan singing bowls and a wise benign being robed in saffron and rouge distilling for us his wisdom on how to get happy and making us think what we are here to do, our dharma .

The greatest and most infallible law upon which the entire system of creation depends …Ralph Waldo Emerson says everything’s ancestor is Thought., Hanaael reminds us 12:22 by the simple process of governing our thoughts our thought forces today we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future,educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction.  We are urged to prepare our vibratory brain cells get them ready “to comprehend the unlimited powers which may be yours by cooperating with Natural law and this is done by concentration or attention . ”

We changed our internet provider  last week . Things rarely go smoothly and to hear my beloved getting apoplectic on the phone the air was thick with poisonous negativity , his language like a very angry lawyer , it was on speaker phone and I was weary and felt sorry for the lady from the call centre . I dislike the phone, which is not great if your business is networking . I have recently stuck a little note on it “cash machine” but I saw that lady from Bombay or whatever  city in India she’s from probably in a jewel coloured sari,  long dark hair neat in a plait  sitting close to her colleagues , desperately pleading the company’s position about why the internet wasn’t yet live , “just push the button !” I heard my husband repeating . If my husband could see her he wouldn’t talk to her like that .  I must  try and see the other person when I speak on the phone , let them get a word in edge ways not to be frightened of the silence .

I am changing,  I am becoming more contemplative less likely to blast into orbit like a rocket

I’m concentrating on being gracefully quiet..power comes through repose . ” it is by concentration that deep thoughts wise speech and all forces of high potentiality are accomplished” .

Next week is Xmas , merry Xmas everyone . I plan (that’s a new one ) I plan to create a peaceful time for my family . We are going hiking after Xmas dinner …I must tell them.